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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
If you cannot find the answer to your query here then please get in touch and I will be happy to assist you.

Who is the tour guide?

It is I, Johnny, the self-styled Glasgow Gander. Glasgow Gander Walking Tours operates as 'a one-man band' and always will. I hope and believe I can offer a personal introduction to Glasgow in a manner unlike that of many other Glasgow walking tours. That includes answering any questions you may have about Glasgow now, during, or after your tour. I have a list of Glasgow recommendations as long as your arm, encompassing many interests, so if there's anything you'd like to know, do get in touch.

The following information is a guide. I always try to accommodate people's personal circumstances when I reasonably can.

Do I need to pre-book?

YES. To guarantee your spot on the tour, you should book as far ahead as you are able, but tour bookings can be made on this website right up until the time that the tour is due to start. Tour payments must be made by you on this website using a Credit/Debit card. Unfortunately, you cannot pay for the tour with cash on the tour itself.

Do I get a refund if I cannot make the tour?

As long as you are able to give me 24 hours’ notice (48 hours for bookings of 6 or more) I will happily offer either a refund or the opportunity to re-book at a later date. I cannot ordinarily provide refunds with less than 24 (or 48) hours' notice as it doesn't give me sufficient time to re-sell the place(s) on the upcoming tour.

How do I pay?

The tour must be paid for on this website with a Credit/Debit card or Apple Pay. Unfortunately, for legal reasons I cannot receive cash payments for the tour on the street.

What if I cannot afford the fee?

Please get in touch and we can work something out. 

Can I bring someone else along without booking?

NO, I am afraid that this is not possible. All tour patrons must be booked-in to the tour before it starts. It would not be fair for me to not be able to accommodate online bookings after the tour is full, and then allow extra people to join the fully-booked group at the last minute.

What happens if I’m late on the day?

If you arrive after the tour has started and cannot find the tour group, please give me a phone call on 07516554828 and I will try my utmost to find a way for you to join us on the walk. Please try to contact me by email, text message, WhatsApp or phone call  ahead of time if you think that you are going to be late.

Is the tour likely to be cancelled?

The tour would only be cancelled in the very unlikely circumstance of my physically not being able to take the tour, or if the weather is truly horrendous. As I'm sure you know, Glasgow is known for its rough weather, so you should check the forecast ahead of time and wrap-up. I'm afraid that you cannot stand rain then this tour is not for you! That being said, we take shelter as much as possible on rainy days (you won't be expected to stand about in a torrential downpour) and I'm told the tour passes quickly, with the sights and tales of Mother Glasgow richly compensating for a little climatic discomfort.

How many people are there in each group?

The maximum tour group size is 15 people (in rare and exceptional circumstances there may be a couple more).  This number allows us to move together more easily, and, I have found, affords a more enjoyable experience all round. There is no minimum tour size, other than zero people!

How long does the tour last?

The tour last for a maximum of 3 hours, but may last only 2.5 hours, depending on the size of the tour group, the busyness of the streets, and whether or not certain of our tour stops are open to visit. I try to not stay very long at most of the stops, with a couple being slightly longer such that we can tackle some more meaty subject matter.

Can children come on the tour?

Everyone is welcome on the tour, with children of 12 years and under going for free. In order to make a booking, you must be at least 18 years old. In terms of the content of the tour, it is probably best enjoyed by adults and young people of 10 years old or more.

Is the tour suitable for someone with limited mobility ?

Generally, yes. However, I would ask that you get in touch beforehand so we can see if it fits your particular circumstances . The tour is 1.5 miles/ 2.4 km long, with the last half mile being uphill (from Glasgow Cross to Glasgow Cathedral). PLEASE NOTE: There is no planned toilet break, although toilets are available along the route. 

Where does the tour start and finish?

The tour starts out from the north side of Royal Exchange Square (near the statue of the Duke of Wellington with the cone on his head) in Glasgow City centre and finishes outside Glasgow Cathedral (which is about 15 minutes' walk from the starting point).


Please contact me today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, or to discuss any specific tour requirements or bespoke tour arrangements you might have.

07516 554828

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